Our Expertise




At Planet Flooring, we understand that it’s not easy to keep your floors looking their best. Your floors can succumb to wear and tear and ultimately look dreary and neglected. There is a solution ,due to our vast experience, we are able to repair any type of wood flooring, including period flooring, and even match and source unique wood types. . Without having to buy a full set of floors, or saying goodbye to your ideal flooring, we can ensure your floors look brand new! Our floor restoration and repairs service covers a wide range of flooring types and techniques. To help revive your floors, we offer the following restoration and repairs services:

  • Floor sanding (including dust free sanding)
  • Sealing
  • Oiling, lacquering and French polishing
  • Colour and wood matching
  • Blocking and stripping
  • Replacement flooring and floor boards




Have your floor your way! We believe the finish of a floor can be almost as important as the floor its self, this is why at Planet Flooring we have the finest craftsman and french polishers who can hand finish floors or produce colours and finishes to suit your project. Design, size, colour our team can create the look and style you a re looking for.  from parquet, panels, marquetry designs or just simple planks with blazing colours we can produce stunning floors with a amazing finishes.





We believe the preparation and installation of a floor is as important as the floor itself. If not installed properly a floor can be damaged  and sometimes ruined, rather quickly. To ensure this doesn’t happen we offer a full installation service on all flooring. Our  friendly expert craftsmen will manage the installation of your floor from start to finish and we are 100% confident you will be happy with the outcome. All of the floors we install come with a  workmanship guarantee as standard.