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How to solve squeaky flooring

“Creeak! Creeeeeaak!” Anyone who has installed hardwood flooring has heard this annoying squeaking sound that often develops in hardwood floors. When you’re tiptoeing to the kitchen for a midnight snack, that creaking sound is a dead giveaway. Unfortunately, there is no perfect, permanent cure-all for hardwood creaks and squeaks. However, there are a few effective treatments, plus a few helpful tips on preventing creaks in the first place.

Most creaks and squeaks are caused by wood rubbing on wood – it’s a simple mechanical problem of too much material stuck in too small of a space. Many Hardwood flooring manufactures use a natural, organic material that expands and contracts as temperatures and humidity levels change. If individual planks don’t have enough room to expand, they’re forced to fight for space with the neighboring planks. For this type of “side-to-side” creaking, powdered graphite can often used to lubricate the contact areas. Simply apply graphite powder generously over the squeaky seam, place a rag or towel over the area, and work the squeak over and over until the graphite powder penetrates and the sound becomes silent. This method may take a few applications. When you’re finished, clean up the excess graphite powder with a damp towel, and enjoy the silence.