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How Should I Maintain My Floor?
Regular vacuuming and sweeping of your floor is highly recommended as dirt and grit act like sandpaper and do mark the surface of any wooden floor. Moping the floor with one of our wash and care products on an interim basis depending on the volume of usage will ensure that your floor is always looking good. We also supply electric floor polishers/vacuums which when used with a traffic wax are ideal for maintaining your floor.

faqDo you move furniture?
We ask that is a room is clear before we commence work, however we appreciate this is sometimes not achievable. In this instance we can recommend a professional furniture removal company, or for an additional cost we are happy to move larger items of furniture.

What can I do to stop Furniture Damaging my Floor?
All ‘moveable’ pieces of furniture need soft clean pads on the bottom of legs or supports. To keep you floor in tiptop condition, we recommend applying floor protector pads to heavy items of furniture. Always remember to pick up furniture and not slide it across the floor. Floor guards enable you to move your appliances forward for servicing without gouging your floor.